Literary Exchanges

Hear My Voice organizes and facilitates literary/cultural exchanges between South Africa and other countries. We bring international visiting artists to South Africa and send South African artists abroad to perform, host and attend workshops, jam sessions, master classes, school outreaches and more. The selected participants are also encouraged to network, learn, collaborate and share ideas. Countries that have been respresented in our Exchanges so far have included, Sweden and the USA.

Year dates Project Locations Main Participants Origin Country
2020 27/08 - 29/08 #AzaniaToDC Arts Exchange 2020 Digital Edition Digital(Facebook and Twitter Live) Hope Netshivhambe, Sibongile Fisher, Masai Sepuru, Drew Anderson and Dwayne Lawson-Brown South Africa and Washington DC, USA
2019 25/09 - 06/10 Sweden_South africa literary Exchange 2019 group Sweden Tour Gothenburg, Uppsala, Stockholm Raphael D'Abdon, Emmah Mabye, Masai Sepuru South Africa
2019 03/09 - 10/09 Sweden_South africa literary Exchange 2019 Elisabeth Asbrink SA Tour Tshwane, Johannesburg, Cape Town: South Africa Elisabeth Asbrink Sweden
2019 03/09 - 10/09 Sweden_South africa literary Exchange 2019 Group South African Tour Tshwane, Johannesburg: South Africa Jenny Högström , Nino Mick and Sofia Gräsberg Sweden
2019 15/07 - 28/07 #AzaniaToDC phase 2 Tshwane, Johannesburg: South Africa Rasheed Copeland Washington DC, USA
2019 10/06 - 15/06 #Linn Eriksson South Africa tour Tshwane, Johannesburg: South Africa Linn Eriksson Sweden
2019 14/04 - 28/04 #AzaniaToDC Phase 1 Washington DC, USA Busisiwe Mahlangu and MoAfrika 'a Mokgathi South Africa
2018 27/09 - 07/10 Sweden_ South Africa Poetry Exchange Phase 3 (SA Poets tour Sweden) Uppsala, Stockholm Busisiwe Mahlangu, Flex of He & I, MoAfrika South Africa
2018 27/08 - 10/09 Sweden_ South Africa Poetry Exchange Phase 2 (Athena Farrokhzad SA Tour) Tshwane, Johannesburg, Cape Town Athena Farrokhzad Sweden
2018 20/05 - 25/05 Naked Word Poetry Festival Cape Town, South Africa MoAfrika and Torsten "Clear" Rybka Tshwane, South Africa
2018 18/02 - 28/02 Sweden_ South Africa Poetry Exchange Phase 1 (Swedish Poets tour South Africa) City of Tshwane, Johannesburg Henry Bowers, Olivia Bergdahl and Amer Sarsour Sweden
2017 18/02 - 05/03 Goldie Patrick's Small Water Woman Tour City of Tshwane, Johannesburg Goldie Patrick Washington DC, USA
2016 01/09 - 06/10 Brandon Douglas and Laquesha Barnes Tour City of Tshwane, Nelspruit, Johannesburg Brandon Douglas, Laquesha Barnes Washington DC, USA