Ethiopia Air (a parody of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince) - Drew Anderson

27th August 2020 | Blog Admin | Poetry

Now this is the story all about how

Our plans got flipped, turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there

I’ll tell you why I never boarded Ethiopia Air

In New Orleans, Louisiana, born and raised

Yet in DC is where I spent most of my days

Spitting out raps and stanzas too

I met Crochet Kingpin; that cat was cool

When our buddy by the name of JBT

Proposed an international exchange, you see

We’ll bring Hope, Sibongile, and Masai from over there

Then return with them on Ethiopia Air

We aimed for late April to early May

I couldn’t wait for S.A. to feel my verbal display

‘Cause they called me “African-American”, but dig it:

I’d never been to Africa, thus couldn’t wait to visit

But then this virus started creeping up

That seeps into the lungs and makes breathing tough

First sighted in China, but they couldn’t confine it

That’s right; it’s the novel coronavirus

But wait, I hear COVID is starting to move fast

From epidemic to pandemic; is it true, man?

I really hope not, because I’m so prepared

To go over there on Ethiopia Air

Well, March came and things got hot, dude

The virus crossed the ocean way before I got to

Borders were shutting down and it was a mess

Infection rates were climbing right along with the deaths

Departure dates approached, and it became clear

That this virus brought a crisis without peer

I tried to keep my head up and not despair

But for now, so much for boarding Ethiopia Air

That said…


Writtens August 27th, vids the 28th

The 29th we got a virtual face-to-face

And one day when it’s safe, I’ll make my way over there

DC to Azania on Ethiopia Air!


Drew Anderson

Drew Anderson is a former science teacher turned teaching artist, having developed his own curriculum called "Spoof School" which uses the art of parody songwriting to get students of all ages more connected to (and thus more invested in) their learning. Drew's proud accomplishments include producing the award-winning two-man show From Gumbo to Mumbo along with his partner-in-rhyme Dwayne B! the Crochet Kingpin, helping to spread the Hip Hop Shakespeare movement along with his comrades in the Baltimore-based Fools and Madmen collective, and founding and co-hosting Spit Dat, the longest-running open mic in the District of Columbia.

This poem features as part of the Azania To DC Arts Exchange 2020, brought to you by Hear My Voice and Jonathan B Tucker and made possible through funding from the DC Commission on the Arts And Humanities and the National Arts Council

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